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Survey Says: Your input helps us support compassionate journeys

And you could win a $50 gift card to the Herbivorous Butcher!

December 21, 2023

Last year, many in our community stepped up to provide valuable information on how we can improve our weekly newsletter to better support their compassionate journeys. Through a short survey, they shared their thoughts, and one lucky person won a $25 gift card to Herbivorous Butcher for doing so! We won by finding out a lot of great information that helped us enhance our newsletter content this year. Thanks to all who took part in this process.

With your input in mind, we aimed to create content that is more informative, useful, and inspiring. To gauge our success and gather further insights, we would love it if you would take a few minutes to complete the same survey so we can compare the results to last year’s. We hope that it will show success in our efforts, but either way, we will gain even more information to further enhance our approach and content. And this year you might win a $50 gift card to the Herbivorous Butcher!

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CAA co-founder, Unny Nambudiripad, and Twin Cities Veg Fest featured in PBS special

December 8, 2023

Pioneer PBS is airing six stories about how plant-based foods are changing farming, culture, and what we eat. We are excited about Episode 4! At the 7.08 mark you will see Unny Nambudiripad, a CAA co-founder, talking about his pathway to a plant-based diet. Twin Cities Veg Fest also got a lot of air time as his interview started there. It ends with dinner with his parents — CAA supporters Godan and Savihtry Namudiripad. In his interview, Unny shared “We’ve really been able to tap into the excitement and interest in plant-based foods.”

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Discover Flourish Food Market: Accessible, fresh, and free plant-based options for all

December 7, 2023

You may be interested to know of this fantastic resource in our community. Flourish Food Market is a free plant-based food market that aims to provide fresh and healthy food options to those who may have difficulty accessing them. They are committed to promoting overall health and well-being for all.

Flourish offers a wide range of fresh and healthy plant-based foods. Whether you’re looking for fruits, vegetables, whole grains, or legumes, this market has got you covered. You can personally choose the foods you want and need, just like shopping at any regular grocery store.

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Tribute to Karen Davis… a bellwether in the political storms that animal rights advocates have to face. And Viva, her first rescue who started it all…

A guest blog by Mary Britton Clouse of Chicken Run Rescue

December 5, 2023

Karen, Viva, Pippa. Photo by Mary Britton Clouse, 2023
No pictures of Karen holding Viva exist so we fixed that. The photo of Karen and Pippa was taken at CRR on February 4, 2006 on her 62nd birthday.

The most powerful force in social evolution is to see what needs to be done, act, and by example inspire and motivate others to follow. It takes but one mere mortal to set it in motion. Like a pebble in a pond, the ripple effect is felt by those near the center but radiates outward in the historical context of a movement. An abandoned hen is rescued, named Viva, and so it began…

Karen Davis, PhD, Founder of United Poultry Concerns (UPC), was such a force. She died on November 4, 2023 at the age of 79. This solitary, diminutive powerhouse of a woman leaves a vast void to fill.  She singlehandedly opened the eyes of the world to the boundless joy and abject misery of chickens. Her tireless efforts and breathtaking gifts of language, intellect and empathy created a legacy of accomplishments that lifts chickens from the bottom of the moral heap, to the top of the animal rights agenda. Chickens represent the most visible victims of land animal agriculture in both sheer numbers and in the degree of atrocities. Even animal advocates were overwhelmed by the magnitude of suffering.

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A feast of gratitude: Recapping the 2023 ThankLiving potluck at UMN

November 27, 2023

On November 18, 2023, the University of Minnesota St. Paul Student Union was filled with the tantalizing aroma of delicious vegan dishes as over 100 people gathered for our annual ThanksLiving potluck event. The diverse spread included an array of mouthwatering treats, from sides and drinks to hearty mains and decadent desserts. Among the culinary stars were the delectable vegan turkey and gluten-free meatloaf generously donated by The Herbivorous Butcher. These were cornerstones of the feast that left taste buds filled with appreciation. Check out this article in University of Minnesota daily online newspaper about the event!

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Faunalytics: Guiding Effective Animal Advocacy Through Research Insights

November 21, 2023

Faunalytics: Guiding Effective Animal Advocacy Through Research Insights

We are delighted to highlight the impactful work of Faunalytics. This nonprofit provides insights and resources to help guide positive change for animals. Staff and board members recently participated in an orientation to their free services. The presentation included some key insights that may help us be more effective.

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Get to know Ryan Sauers, CAA Volunteer

November, 21, 2023

Ryan moved here to attend the University of Minnesota in the fall of 2021. He looked for a community of people as passionate about animal rights and activism as he is. The student chapter of CAA appealed to him. He got involved with them because of  the group’s outreach opportunities and community.

At this point, Ryan has been volunteering with CAA for two and a half years. Most of his work has been with the U of MN CAA student chapter, where he is now the President. His volunteer activities have been many and varied. They include video outreach events, food giveaways, movie screenings, and more. He recently took on a larger volunteer role by signing up for the Twin Cities Vegan Chili Cook-Off committee.

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Pig abuse lawsuit should spark change in Minnesota agriculture

A guest blog by Julie Knopp (as appeared in The Minnesota Reformer)

November 17, 2023

Wally faced a frightening future as he sped down the highway on a transport truck. A piglet born into the meat industry, Wally would likely spend his short life trapped inside a factory farm.

But a moment of courage and good fortune changed Wally’s life forever. While barreling down I-90, Wally forced open a gate at the back of the truck and leapt to freedom, skidding down the highway. A witness called 911, and animal control officers came to the scene.

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Wholesome Minnesota is on a roll! Presentations to Green Club youth and FACs classes plant seeds of change

November 10, 2023

A WM FACS class lesson on the healthfulness and tastiness of Tofu Mouse!

In October, Wholesome returned to meet with the Hopkins Green Club again. The teacher at Hopkins has been incredibly supportive, making it a seamless collaboration. Jodi shared her information on the interconnectedness of climate and our food choices. She introduced the hot topic of the Colorado River. Jodi shared: “if we break it down, we can very clearly see the pattern of destruction and overconsumption from animal agriculture. This subject seems to be resonating.”

Jodi has also been visiting FACS classes to introduce youth to plant-based foods and how healthy and tasty they can be. On November 7, she visited a Bloomington Kennedy class. The students got hands-on, making tofu mousse.  This interactive approach helped them develop an appreciation for plant-based alternatives.  It was an invaluable opportunity for Jodi to build rapport and gather insights. The teacher was so impressed that she is connecting Jodi with other FACS teachers she knows.

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Get to know Timmy:  First rooster resident at Spring Farm Sanctuary!

A guest blog from Spring Farm Sanctuary

November 9, 2023

Meet Timmy, a young white leghorn rooster whose exact age remains a mystery. Timmy’s journey to Spring Farm Sanctuary began when he was discovered wandering in a Bloomington, MN neighborhood this past May. Concerned neighbors came to the rescue, and Timmy found his way to our sanctuary. His arrival marked a significant first for us, as he became our first-ever rooster resident.

Over time, we carefully introduced Timmy to Hank, our turkey, and an extraordinary friendship blossomed between them. Timmy’s intelligence shines through as he responds to his name and eagerly comes when called. He’s not only clever but also incredibly agile and vocal. His protective nature extends to his dear friend Hank, and they share a special bond.

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