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Changing Roles in Advocacy

When I went vegan in college, I was in a small town in southern Minnesota that at the time had limited vegan options at restaurants and opportunities to connect with other veg folks. A month into living with my sister in an apartment a few minutes walk away from our school, we stopped buying eggs—the last animal product we had regularly in the fridge—and I asked her if she wanted to try eating vegan for the rest of the summer. 

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Ways to make your banquet experience even MORE fun

Early this spring, Gigi Abbadie was looking for a way to give back to the people that had helped her get her business, her business, Two Trees Strategy, off the ground. A vegan and animal lover, Gigi decided to buy a table at CAA’s Annual Banquet, set to take place on Harriet Island. Gigi called the rest of her group to ask how they wanted to celebrate when the banquet was relocated to a virtual platform. As they had not seen each other for months, they all decided to try to find a way to be together.

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