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Veg Week events!

Please join us for our 8th annual Veg Week!

Compassionate Action for Animals (CAA) started our celebration all things veg back in 2004. Over the course of one week we celebrate vegetarian diets, educate the public about compassionate food choices, and inspire respect for farm animals. Events include a potluck, a dine-out, a cooking class, and much more. Check out our calendar below for a full list of events and times, and please join us! If you haven't already, take the pledge and get discounts at restaurants and more!


Progress for Farm Animals with Paul Shapiro

Please join Paul Shapiro of the Humane Society of the United States to learn about how you can help farm animals! Want to be inspired, amused, entertained, saddened, and did we say inspired? This is the workshop for you! Hear from one of the nation's most seasoned farm animal advocates on why these animals' plight is so dire, the truly amazing work that's being done to help them, and how YOU can get involved and take action for the too-often forgotten and terribly abused billions of animals who suffer in the meat, egg, and dairy industries.

  • Location: Mississippi Room, Coffman Memorial Union, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, 300 Washington Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN
  • Time: 4 pm to 6 pm, Saturday, October 1

Cooking Class: Three Course Seasonal Menu

The menu will include Butternut Squash Bisque, Walnut Sage Pasta, and Cranberry, Apple, and Pear Crumble.

  • Location: Van Cleve recreational center, 901 15th Avenue SoutheastMinneapolis, MN
  • Time: Monday, October 3rd, 7 to 8:30 pm

Shop With a Vegan

Not sure where to start at the store to get healthy vegan food? Come on out and shop with a vegan! We'll talk about balanced plant-based nutrition and do a store walk through so you can stock your cart with the basics! Join Suzy Sorensen, Vegan Dietitian. Please RSVP to We have room for 12 people at this event, so reserve your spot early!

  • Location: Wedge Co-op, 2105 Lyndale Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN
  • Time: Tuesday, October 4th, 7 to 8 pm

Vegan Bake Sale

Satisfy your inner sweet tooth through CAA's very own baketivists! We'll be selling cupcakes, bars, and brownies to raise funds for Veg Week. See how tasty dairy- and egg-free baking can be, and support our work to advocate for animals.

  • Location: Basement of Coffman Union, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, 300 Washington Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN
  • Time: Thursday, October 6th, 10 am to 2 pm

Dine-Out, Everest on Grand

Come enjoy delicious Nepalese, Tibetan and Indian food with some incredible company. Everest's menu offers many vegan dishes to choose from. This dine-out is an excellent opportunity to learn about the excellent ethnic veg food options in the Twin Cities, and a great way to meet fellow animal activists!

  • Location: Everest on Grand, 1278 Grand Ave, St Paul, MN
  • Time: Thursday, October 6, 6:30 to 9 pm

Please RSVP at

Vegan After Dark at Jasmine 26

Let's celebrate the hard work of the volunteers that made Veg Week possible. Everybody's invited: volunteers will be appreciated, and everybody else can show their appreciation.Whether you are the appreciated or the appreciators please come and join us as we celebrate over some good food and drinks.

Jasmine 26 has gained an esteemed recognition for their contemporary take on authentic Vietnamese cuisines, ranging from their wonderful salt and pepper tofu to their amazing selection of curries.

Jasmine 26's bar offers signature cocktails and spiked or virgin bubble teas that are exotic, vibrant and refreshing. Voted best cocktails in the Twin Cities by City Pages 2008.

  • Location: Jasmine 26, 8 E 26th Street, Minneapolis, MN
  • Time: Friday, October 7th, 8 pm to midnight

Veg Week Potluck

What better way to celebrate Veg Week and try some great veg food than with a vegan potluck? While some food will be provided, everyone is encouraged to bring a vegan dish (no animal products) to share that serves around five to eight people. Also, it is encouraged, but not necessary, to bring your own plate and silverware. This is a great opportunity to sample dozens of delicious foods, meet cool people from the community, and have fun. If the weather is nice, we'll be outside!

  • Location: Meeting room, Van Cleve Recreational Center, 901 15th Ave. SE Minneapolis, MN
  • Time: Saturday, October 8, 1 pm to 3 pm

Chicken Sanctuary Tour

Most of us are familiar with chickens as providers of eggs and meat, but we've had little opportunity to meet individual chickens and get to know their personalities. Please join us at the home of Leah and Brian Wasieleski, where they have 29 chickens living in peace.

There are a variety of treats you can bring for the birds–they really enjoy guests who bring them goodies, and people learn so much from interacting with them that way. Foods you can bring include greens (on the head is best), melon, raisins, grapes, cob corn, tomatoes, cucumbers, tofu, cooked pasta, whole wheat bread.

We'll meet at the CAA Community office and carpool to her house. Refreshments (for humans) will be provided. Please RSVP to Unny at

  • Location: Carpool from the CAA Community Office, 2100 First Ave S, Minneapolis, MN
  • Time: 1 pm to 5 pm Sunday, October 9th

Pledge to be Veg

Amazing discount card. Cool prizes. Free food. Help animals. Take the Pledge to be Veg!

All you have to do is pledge to eat vegetarian or vegan from Saturday, October 1, to Sunday, October 9.

Participants will get a special care pack and discount card, which will get you deals at many local restaurants, such as Hard Times, Camdi, Evergreen, and more! We'll provide recipes, tips, and raffle prizes. Come to any of our Veg Week events for more resources and good times!

Take the Pledge to be Veg online today!

Have friends who might want to take the Pledge to be Veg? Tell them about it!

Help Out at the Vegan Food Showcase on September 28

We're hosting our 8th annual Vegan Food Showcase on the West Bank of the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, and we need your help to make it happen!

Join us on September 28th for one of the most fun and effective actions we do to advocate for animals: give free vegan food samples and literature about factory farming to thousands of college students. You can help out for one hour or three, and enjoy the food and smiles as we hand out samples to the campus public.

Thank You For Volunteering

The Twin Cities leads the nation in volunteering, according to a new survey by the federal government as reported by the Star Tribune.

The study by the Corporation for National and Community Service found that 37.1 percent of Twin Cities residents volunteered in 2010. This is higher than any other metropolitan area.

Thanks to all the volunteers at Compassionate Action for Animals for volunteering! It's your hard work that makes everything we do possible. From potlucks and dineouts to Veg Week and leafleting and much more! Your help in planning events, making food, calling your friends, or greeting people at the door makes a difference.

With your generous contribution of time, energy, and talent, we are able to advocate for animals and reduce their suffering and death. We care about the mistreatment of animals, and we know that our greatest tool in changing the way they are treated is our own voice.

Read the entire Star Tribune article.

New Plant-Based Nutrition Resource

Michael Greger, M.D., has a new website, scours the world of nutrition research to give you information that is easy to understand.

Posting a video every day, is the newest resource for vegan nutrition. The site is created by the Jesse and Julie Rasch Foundation in partnership with Dr. Michael Greger. Dr. Greger has spoken for Compassionate Action for Animals before, and we know him to be a knowledgeable source about nutrition.

As stated on their website,

NUTRITIONFACTS.ORG is brought to you by the Jesse & Julie Rasch Foundation in partnership with Michael Greger, M.D. Dr. Greger scours the world of nutrition-related research, as published in scientific journals, and brings that information to you in short, easy to understand video segments.

Announcing our new Executive Director

The Compassionate Action for Animals' Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Unny Nambudiripad will be CAA's new Executive Director! Unny will work for CAA full time and begin in this role as of Monday, August 22. Danielle Smith, our current Director of Volunteer Programs, will be leaving as of Friday, August 5.

Danielle says of her departure, "I have absolutely loved my time with CAA and will cherish the connections and memories I have made. I owe CAA so much. Not only has the organization supported me in professional ways, I have also grown stronger as an animal activist."

She continues, "I hope to stay connected to the organization and look forward to the possibility of serving on the board of directors in the near future. I am also happy to know that Unny, who will be taking over volunteer coordination, is someone you are all familiar with. I believe that many great things are in store for CAA in the years to come."

Unny says, "I'm excited at the opportunity to take CAA to the next level. I've had a lot of fun working with dynamic leaders, hundreds of enthusiastic volunteers, and businesses, donors, and partner organizations to raise awareness about the plight of animals. Sometimes it is challenging to find the motivation and energy to be an effective advocate, but I'm confident that with your help we can make big changes for the animals we are here to protect."

Unny is a co-founder of Compassionate Action for Animals and has over 15 years of nonprofit experience. He has conducted investigations on factory farms, passed out leaflets, has written for local publications on animal issues, and planned social events. Additionally, Unny has led our fundraising efforts for the last five years, managed volunteers, served on the board of directors of several organizations, and coordinated strategic planning and budgeting. Because of his combination of experience and commitment to CAA's mission, we are excited to promote him into this position.

Please welcome Unny in his new role by:

The Board would like to thank Danielle for her work over this past year. We wish her all the best in her future endeavors. We are excited to have Unny joining us full time and we look forward to what CAA will accomplish in the future.

State Fair Vegan Cooking Competition

In the land of cheese curds, brats and Tater Tot hotdish, there is a new sheriff in town. The Minnesota State Fair is including in its annual cooking competition a Vegan Main Dish category. So put down those deep fried Twinkies on a stick and run over and get a glimpse at history in the making. Or better yet, enter a dish to win!

Florence Brammer helped campaign for the category to be added to the competition this year. For the several hundred thousand fair-goers, Brammer is hoping that this will raise awareness to the concept of vegan entrées and to the plight of factory farm raised animals. She is personally offering a prize to the winner- a copy of "The Vegan Table" by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau.

The deadline for online registration is 4:30pm, August 9th. Registration is free! Go to state fair website to register. No late entries will be accepted, so skip, prance, or sashay your way down to the (virtual) registration booth.

When entering keep in mind that salads are not accepted since the goal is to provide a complete protein, just as non-vegan dishes do. The dishes will be judged based on four categories: Appearance, Ease of Preparation, Taste and Texture, with Taste being the most heavily weighted category and Ease of Preparation second.

Recipes should include 12 ingredients or fewer. This does not include cooking oil, garnish, salt, pepper and water.

Entries must be delivered to the fairgrounds on Sunday, August 21, in a disposable container.

To enter you must be 14 years or older, and a Minnesota resident. Professional chefs are not allowed. For complete rules download this PDF, then look for category #1111.

Please take this awesome opportunity to bring delicious vegan food to state fair-goers, as well as showing the fair administrators that there is a strong vegan community that will stand behind this new category!

Getting Veg Options

Simple steps for requesting veg options at conferences and workshops

While finding veg food at events that aren't animal or diet conscious can take extra effort, we've found that a little bit of planning can make everything go smoothly. Unny Nambudiripad was attending a conference this spring, and wasn't sure what the food options would be. Two weeks before the conference, he sent this email to the coordinator of the conference:


I'm looking forward to the conference. I'm a vegan (I don't eat meat, fish, dairy, eggs, or other animal products) and I was wondering if you can accommodate my diet. If not, that's fine, I can bring my own lunch. Please let me know if you have questions. I had also indicated my dietary predilection on my registration.


Notice that the email keeps a very positive voice and doesn't demand that they provide vegan food, and he even offers to bring his own food if needed. Bringing your own food where there is no veg option can show others that while you are not demanding or hard to deal with you still stand up for your own beliefs as to what you eat.

The conference coordinator sent Unny's request to the caterer, who replied in an extremely positive way by giving several options for a vegan meal including salad, soups and a sandwich, even a vegan dessert. The caterer went so far as to ask Unny what he would like on his sandwich. He replied and gave many options for vegan sandwich fillings and also made clear that he was a flexible, non-picky, vegan eater and made sure to thank her for the accommodations.

CAA Cooking Classes

CAA volunteer Bita writes about why our cooking classes are so great!

My name is Bita and I am a volunteer with CAA. I have been vegan for nearly 8 years now, but wasn't involved with the vegan movement/animal rights community until I moved to Minneapolis and found CAA. (Thank you to the U of M's list of student organizations!) I went vegan after watching some videos like Meet Your Meat and reading about the issues of animal cruelty, by way of a class project. Being involved with CAA solidifies all the reasons I went vegan in the first place and I really enjoy reaching out to the community to promote vegetarianism/veganism and animal rights and spending time with others who feel the same way.

Spring Leafleting Week Results!

CAA's first spring leafleting week ended last Friday. In just four days, leafleting two hours a day, we handed out over 2300 leaflets! As promised, the individual who handed out the most leaflets would receive a year's worth of Newman O's. The winner for last week is Dylan Mulenburg. Dylan handed out an astonishing 1900 leaflets.

Think you can trump that? Well, there are plenty of CAA leafleting opportunities ahead, such as Music for Mother Earth

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