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Minneapolis community gardening activist Michael Chaney honored with Million Gardens Award

Michael Chaney

Michael Chaney of Project Sweetie Pie recently received national recognition with the Million Gardens Award. The award is part of the Million Gardens Movement, a nationwide project founded by Kimbal Musk (brother of Elon) as a way to educate and support millions of new gardeners to grow their own food.

Michael Chaney’s Project Sweetie Pie teaches north Minneapolis youth about gardening. The project also brings people together to help revitalize neighborhoods and provide healthy food for low-income communities.

The aim of this award is to inspire community gardens while empowering communities on practices of urban agriculture, healthy eating and the necessity of fresh foods in “food deserts.”

To honor this award and the work of Michael Chaney and Project Sweetie Pie, a community celebration was held in north Minneapolis on September 25 with artists, vendors and family in attendance. This event was held at one of the many gardens that are managed and cared for by Project Sweetie Pie — gardens that have been cultivated in vacant lots owned by the City of Minneapolis.

In attendance also was City Of Minneapolis Director of Sustainability, Kim Havey, who on behalf of Mayor Frey and his office created a proclamation declaring September 25, 2021, as the Million Gardens Movement ultimate garden party day in the city of Minneapolis.

Volunteer Shout-Out: Yosan, Pallavi and Karla — the Macalester CAA leadership team

CAA is going strong at Macalester College in St. Paul, thanks to the drive and leadership of passionate student volunteers. Mac CAA works to encourage fellow students, the campus community and the larger community to make plant-based food a priority. Yosan Worota, Pallavi Shoroff, and Karla Moreno Polanco head up this group, which is just shy of its first-year anniversary. Read on to find out more about them.

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Terrell Woods, aka Carnage The Executioner, is the 2021 Kenny Feldman Animal Advocate Award Winner

We’re pleased to announce the winner of the 2021 Kenny Feldman Animal Advocate Award. We’ve created this award to recognize a person, organization, or business in our community whose amazing work is pushing the ball forward for animals. This year we’re giving the award to Terrell Woods, aka Carnage The Executioner.

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Sterling Davis to speak at Twin Cities Veg Fest

Sterling “TrapKing” Davis is a well-traveled, ex-military, music and cat enthusiast who has always loved entertaining and interacting with people. In 2017, he started his own nonprofit, Trapking Humane Cat Solutions, where he focuses on educating, assisting, and doing trap-neuter-return (TNR) and community cat management. Davis’ mission is to change the stereotypes of not only men in cat rescue, but also bridge the gap between Black communities and predominantly white animal welfare organizations. He’s a featured speaker at Twin Cities Veg Fest where he’ll present his talk, “From Rapper to Trapper: you don’t lose cool points for compassion.”

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Meet the Twin Cities Veg Fest committee leadership team

Twin Cities Veg Fest is planned and coordinated by a committee of volunteers dedicated to making the event a success. With September 19 just around the corner, the committee is in high gear putting the final details together for this year’s hybrid in-person and virtual gathering. Meet the festival’s volunteer leadership team. They’re working with our staff and a team of 20 volunteers to orchestrate this year’s festival. Learn what they’re most excited about in 2021.

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Volunteer Shout-Out: Twin Cities Veg Fest exhibitor coordinators, Annette, Ibtisam & Sarah

If you’ve been to Twin Cities Veg Fest, you know the exciting array of food vendors, retail vendors and exhibitors are a major part of the festival’s appeal. Meet the talented team helping to coordinate them! Annette, Ibtisam and Sarah have been dedicating their time to making this year’s lineup of vendors and exhibitors a great one. Read what they’re looking forward to on festival day, September 19!

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Slideshow: 2021 Fourth of July Vegan Potluck

Thanks to everyone who took part in the CAA 4th of July Vegan Potluck Picnic at North Mississippi Regional Park in Minneapolis. Approximately 50 guests attended this fun event and many brought fabulous vegan dishes for all to enjoy.

Check out these scenes from our holiday celebration — the first in-person potluck we had the opportunity to enjoy in over a year!

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