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Meet our new Program Assistant—Abbey Feola!

We are pleased to welcome a new Program Assistant—Abbey Feola! Below we share a brief bio of her along with questions she answered so that we could get to know her a little better. She hopes to meet you soon at a CAA event so that she can get to know you too!

Abbey Feola, Program Assistant

Abbey (she/her) joined CAA as Program Assistant after volunteering at several CAA events and loving the open, welcoming atmosphere she found there. As Program Assistant, she supports participants taking the Explore Veg challenge and assists with a variety of other CAA programming. In her previous years at Macalester College and Habitat for Humanity, she created outreach programs and worked with volunteers around topics relating to sustainability and housing. She currently spends her time outside of CAA working in the financial industry, volunteering at pet rescues, getting involved in new sports, spending time with her friends and family, and taking care of her pets.

She answered some of our questions below so that we could get to know her better:

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Helping students connect the dots

By Jodi Gruhn, Wholesome Minnesota Director

One of my favorite parts of my role as the Wholesome Minnesota Director is connecting with students. It has been a great pleasure to visit local high schools to help students connect the dots between human and planetary health and our food system. The majority of the students I have met have had no idea that animal agriculture had a role in climate change and hadn’t thought about how it contributes to the health crisis that plagues us. One student said, “How come no one tells us this stuff.” The good news? These students are now armed with information and some are activated to make change.

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Volunteer Shout-Out: Meet Breanna Knutson

Breanna Knutson is a frequent volunteer with CAA. She was assistant to the chairs for the 2021 Twin Cities Veg Fest, and most recently, she’s been helping us with the logistics of getting more than 2,000 Postcards for Animals out to volunteers and members of the community. Read on to find out more about Breanna’s passion for eating plant-based and what inspired her to get involved with CAA.

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Volunteer Shout-Out: Meet Chris Krull

Chris Krull volunteers with CAA on our tech team. He is one of a group of volunteers who help manage issues related to our websites and servers. We’re grateful to people like Chris who contribute their time and specialized knowledge to make sure CAA’s “behind the scenes” is on point. Read more about Chris and find out what inspires him to volunteer his technology skills.

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Volunteer Shout-Out: Meet Maya Ulrich

CAA Volunteer, Maya Ulrich, has contributed to a better world for humans and animals in so many ways. From writing features for our Twin Cities Veg Living magazine to helping coordinate social media for the Explore Veg program, Maya has frequently been an important part of moving our work forward. Read on to find out more about Maya’s interests and passions for creating a healthier environment and a more just society.

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Slideshow: 2021 ThanksLiving

This year’s ThanksLiving celebration was a multi-faceted affair! It included food pickup in the Twin Cities, groups dining together at the University of Minnesota and Macalester College, and a potluck in Saint Cloud — all brought together with a fun Zoom call for everybody. We’re grateful for everyone who showed up.

An extra special thanks to Insane Vegan for catering, Mary Bue and Thandisizwe Jackson Nisan for performing, and to our ThanksLiving volunteer committee for coordinating such a great day. Check out the ThanksLiving slideshow below to revisit the memories from our compassionate holiday event.

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